Singapore Actress Paulyn Sun’s Short Nude Scene

Alien Sun (孫佳君) (born September 11, 1974; sometimes Paulyn Sun, Pauline Suen, or Suen Kai-Kwan) is a Singapore-born actress and Miss Singapore of 1994 and represented her country at Miss Universe. She quit her job in business development to launch an acting career in Hong Kong.

The high point of her film career was her role as the wife of a triad leader (played by Tony Leung Kar Fai) in the 1997 movie Island Of Greed. The performance garnered her a nomination for the Hong Kong Film Awards – the first time a Singaporean woman had been nominated. The prize went to Maggie Cheung.

In 1996 she was offered 20 million (Hong Kong) dollars to pose nude and rejected the offer. She was the first female from Singapore to be nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award in 1997 for her role in “Island Of Greed.”

In 2001, just when it seemed like she would fade into obscurity, Paulyn made a bid to revive her sexpot reputation by stripping for a sado-masochistic Japanese film, Ichi The Killer.

Her decision to strip for the camera was somewhat surprising given that she had turned down a HK$20million ($4m) offer to pose nude in 1996. Then, she had responded: ‘Cannot. How can I find a boyfriend later?’

Pauline Suen has said her nickname “Alien Sun” was given to her by classmates in school who made fun of her for having a head that was slightly disproportionately larger than her body during childhood.

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