Hubei Teacher’s leaked nude pics

A set of 28 nude photos of a female teacher from an elementary school in Hubei has spread on the Internet. It is suspected that someone she offended took revenge on her. Now, the teacher has reported the case to the police authories, and the police is investigating who initially uploaded these photos.

The matter of the female teacher’s nude photos being uploaded came without notice. Yesterday night, in a QQ group named Qichun City Netizens Club, an unidentified member started a topic titled “Hubei Female Teacher’s Nude Photos” on the QQ group’s message board, with 28 nude photos of this teacher attached and her personal information in detail published too.

After knowing the news, our reporter contacted the teacher. She said she has already reported the case to the police and the police is investigating who initially uploaded the photos. Later our reporter visited this elementary school too. It is learnt from her colleagues that the teacher has taken a leave. The school principal told our reporter too that the teacher got well along with the colleagues and her performance was good. But when asked why the teacher asked for a leave, the principal didn’t give a straight answer.

The police have drawn a preliminary conclusion, after they received the report, that it is to take revenge on the teacher uploading these nude photos. And the police also targeted several persons. Among them, the teacher’s ex-husband is the most likely suspect in the case.

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