Hakka Student Video Scandal

Some time in March, a sex video featuring a girl from Dongguan Houjie Specialized Technical School and two out-of-school male youth caused an Internet sensation. Though the female student was alleged to be drunk or intoxicated with some drugs before, but still she was later detained for the crime of group sex by the police.

In this June, another sex video featuring two school students making love in a room they rented was exposed online too. The male student was identified as a freshman from Guangxi Jiaotong Vocational and Techinical College (广西交通职业技术学院), and the girl was said to be from one Normal College in Guangxi. Rumor has it that they videotaped their love making with the computer, and the boy later saved the clip in his thump memory drive. But he lost his drive at school and then was uploaded to the website by someone who found it. This incident is called “Guangxi Jiaotong Vocational and Techinical College Gate (广西交院门)” online.

After the sex tape in near half of an hour long was spread, it triggered a wave immediately on the Internet too. It was said that the girl with long hair looks nice, and moaned and played many different positions during sex. According to some insiders who alleged the video has been widespread at schools, many students knew who the two in the video are, and they are out of contact now. And netizens speculated, based on the two’s conversation in the video, that both of them should be Hakka people from Yulin.

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