Scandal Fashion Model Gong Rumin Nude Photos Part3

About several weeks ago Gong Rumin or Gong Yan Zhao Min (宮如敏) won the World Supermodel Contest held in China. And then a number of her private pre-fame nude photos were expose, and are circulating on the Internet like wildfire now. Almost 600 photographs of her posing in lingerie and in the nude are causing a scandal in China. The photos are suspected to have been taken overseas a few years ago at a hotel in Japan or Taiwan before she became famous in mainland China.

Gong started in the modeling industry in 1999, made the cover of several magazines in recent years and was a hit at the Cars International Auto Show in 2009, where she received the “beautiful car model contest” runner-up title. Gong Rumin is not the champion of “World Super Model Contest 2010 China” beauty contest. The final stage of World Super Model Contest 2010 China division was held in Shi Jiazhuang of central China’s Heibei Province on December 12, 2010. As one of the top model contests in the world, the China division, which lasted four months starting from August, attracted more than 3,000 beauties nationwide to take part.

And now, here is the top girl out of 3,000 hopefuls for World Supermodel Contest China division in the nude. Gong spreads while nude wearing only fishnet stockings, high heels and just a thong, as she mimic a variety of AV actresses with sultry pose for the shoot.


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