Edison Chen sex tape photo scandal with Cecilia Cheung

Edison Chen is a Hongkong move actor, single, idol, and the founder and CEO of CLOT InC. In early 2008, during the Chinese Spring Festival, lots of racy sexual acts photographs, between Edison Chen and some famous actresses Bobo Chan, Candice Chan Si-Wai, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung ,Cecilia Cheung, Rachel Ngan, Mandy Chen Yu-Ju, Candice Chan Si-Wai, was distributed on the internet. It is said that these photos were taken by Edison Chen himself or the actresses involved photographically resembled to him and other actresses. This photo scandal is a big event in the Hongkong media, and even Mainland China and Taiwan, and it was dominated the Hongkong news headlines for a week, some people have been arrested in connection with the distribution of these photos, but the spread of these photos didn’t stop. Edison Chen is not my idol, actually, so i didn’t pay much attention, until I saw The Blemish, and CNN, and even an entry called Edison Chen photo scandal on Wikipedia reported this affair, although I have seen many bloggers in the Chinese Mainland mentioned this. I searched on the Internet just now, 1300 photos, 6 female stars involved, you can easily download these indecent photos, it is said that these photograph were released when Edison Chen repair his PowerBook.

Edison Edison Chen Joey Yung Joey Yung

张柏芝 – Cecilia Cheung – 其他


  1. jerrigogo says

    Oh I can’t seem to get tired of cecilia cheung seductive pics, especially in her sheer lingerie. I would be very much happier if I can blow up the pics or zoom in !!!!!

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